Emmaus Soup Kitchen to enjoy Romolo Easter Chocolates

Two hundred guests of Emmaus Soup Kitchen will enjoy fresh chocolate and Peeps this Easter season, courtesy of Romolo Chocolates in Erie.

Owner and master confectioner, Tony Stefanelli, has been making chocolates with his family since he was a child. “I’ve tried doing a lot of different things in my life but I’ve always loved making chocolate. It’s part of who I am.”

Also a part of who he is: generous. As head of Romolo Chocolates, Tony donated 200 chocolate bunnies and 400 boxes of Peeps to the guests of Emmaus. “We try to be aware of the needs of our community,” said Tony. “And if we can do something to help, that’s what’s important.”

Photo: Sister Karen Oprenchok (Emmaus Staff) with Tony Stefanelli

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