Erie community sends delegates to Federation Chapter

One of the many pieces that goes into making the Erie Benedictines who they are is membership in the Federation of St. Scholastica, a federation of 19 monasteries in the U.S. and Mexico. Every four years the Federation holds a General Chapter that brings delegates from each community together to reflect on and suggest direction for Benedictine community life.

This past June, the delegates elected by the Erie Benedictines, Stephanie Schmidt, Ann Muczynski, Linda Romey, and prioress Anne Wambach attended the 2018 Federation of St. Scholastica General Chapter at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama. The Chapter theme was “Facing Our Critical Junctures with Hope.”

The Erie sisters joined the other 53 delegates and prioresses for several days of input, reflection and process that culminated in general directions that each of the member communities will develop in their own unique ways over the next four years. “The process is enriched by the experiences of each community,” said Sister Ann. “All of us are Benedictine yet each community is uniquely its own. Praying and socializing together, as well as working through group processes around a common theme, allows us to support individual communities as well as set common directions for all of us.”

In 2022 the Federation of St. Scholastica will celebrate its centennial. Sister Linda, co-chair of the centennial planning committee, and committee members presented their vision and goals at the Chapter meeting. “Our vision is broad,” Sister Linda said. “During the next four years, we aim to not only publicly celebrate the vision and dedication of Benedictine women over the past 100 years, we also intend to promote Benedictine life in many different ways.”

Sister Anne Wambach was re-elected to a second four-year term on the Federation Council at the Chapter meeting. The Council serves as an advisory body to the president of the Federation.

Erie Benedictine Sister Susan Doubet was also in attendance at the Federation Chapter. She had accepted the invitation to be the Chapter secretary and gave service throughout the Chapter days.