Faculty Scholarship Display at Mercyhurst includes selections from Erie Benedictine Oblate/Professor

The work of Benedictine Oblate Mary Hembrow Snyder is featured in a Faculty Scholarship Display at Mercyhurst University (Old Main, first floor).

“In this current selection, our first display has selections from Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder, professor of Religious Studies and the director of the Center for Mercy and Catholic Studies,” said Dr. Alice Edwards, professor of Spanish and member of the Faculty Scholarship Committee.

Included in the display is the book: Joan Chittister: Essential Writings. Mary joined with Sister Mary Lou Kownacki in co-editing the book in 2014. This collection was recognized as one of the top 50 spiritual books that same year and is said to capture and distill Sister Joan’s spirit and her message for women and men today.

Of special note: Sister Joan Chittister was a 1962 Mercyhust graduate. The Helen Boyle Memorial Archive dedicated to Sister Joan is located on the fourth floor of the university’s Hammermill Library. It features Sister Joan’s life in pictures, her vita, her blogs, links to associated websites, videos and summaries of a selection of her books. The archive, dedicated in 2014, also includes a computer, which researchers can use to access her complete collections of books, articles, CDs of presentations and more.