Food Pantry Volunteers throw Dmitry’s 90th Birthday Party

“This birthday experience is so unique,” said Sister Lucia Surmik, coordinator of the Emmaus Food Pantry. “It’s a one of a kind situation – we’ve never before had a volunteer that’s 90 years old!”

But this year the Food Pantry did celebrate – in grand style – a 90th birthday party for Dmitry Tishenhenko. Dmitry, who grew up in Ukraine, moved with his family of 11 children to the United States 23 years ago. Soon after, Dmitry began volunteering at the Food Pantry and has been there since.

“He’s been with us at the pantry so long, he’s part of the family,” said Sister Rosane Lindal-Hynes, Emmaus’ women’s advocate. “This party was to celebrate our friendship with him and his generosity over the years, as well as to celebrate a wonderful milestone!”