Fresh Food for Everyone

Even thinking about biting into a fresh, sweet snap-pea or having a salad made with just-picked lettuce can make a mouth water. And thanks to a few dedicated gardeners, Emmaus Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry guests are enjoying quite a bit of mouth-watering fresh vegetables this summer.

Before the Food Pantry opened Monday morning, Emmaus Grove master gardeners Ellen DiPlacido and Mike Bailey were in the garden harvesting snap-peas, onions, and beets. They immediately shared the produce with guests of the food pantry.

Along with fresh produce, a table outside the pantry was lined with budding tomato, pepper, and squash plants available for guests to take home. The plants were donated by Bonnie Leamer in North East, PA, with the intention that each guest has an opportunity to grow their own food.

Later that same morning, Irene Buettner walked up to the kitchen with two coolers full of fresh lettuce and zucchini. Irene’s son and daughter-in-law, Doug and Stacey, run the garden at Grandview Alliance Church where they grow produce in 20 beds.

Pictured: Ellen DiPlacido with produce from Emmaus Grove

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