Full-STEAM Ahead benefits Emmaus Soup Kitchen

Steam, soup, and Emmaus: In the winter months, steam often flows from the soup being made in the kitchen at Emmaus. But this springtime, there’s a different kind of STEAM associated with Emmaus: the Full-STEAM Ahead program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in the Millcreek Elementary Schools donated 83 cans of soup to the soup kitchen as a part of a bird house making experience.

The Full-STEAM Ahead program in Millcreek is created to empower 4th and 5th grade girls to explore all possibilities of future career options and participate in a hand-on activity.

“During the activity on April 20th,” said Kristina Huber, Executive Director of the Millcreek Education Foundation, “the students were introduced to engineering and metal fabrication with Dianne Porter, Owner and President of Zeyon, Inc. The students made metal bird houses using tools they have never used before.”

The 83 cans were emptied at Emmaus—the contents of which became that night’s soup dinner—and then cleaned and sanded to be used in making the bird houses.

“We let the students know about your wonderful work and the needs of our community,” Kristina said. “This activity was a great experience for the for the students and we are happy that the soup made its way to your wonderful dinner guests.”

Pictured: Students with instructor, Dianne Porter, forming the bird houses at Chestnut Hill Elementary School in Millcreek

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