GE Donation to Emmaus Soup Kitchen

On the morning of Thursday, March 7th, GE union workers brought boxes of prepared sandwiches, oranges, and more to Emmaus Soup Kitchen.

The sandwiches were originally prepared for the GE union workers on strike but the night before, Wabtec and GE decided on a 90-day negotiation period so the GE union workers ended their strike. All the food they bought to continue feeding strikers, they donated to Emmaus instead.

Emmaus received over 300 already prepared sandwiches, 10 bags of frozen meatballs, 7 bags of prepared Sloppy Joe’s, boxes of bread, dozens of eggs, and oranges.

“We handed out the prepared sandwiches at dinner on Thursday,” said Marie Wolf, volunteer cook at Emmaus. “And we’ll rearrange our menu for next week so we can cook the Sloppy Joe’s and meatballs.”

Wabtec took over GE and the Erie union workers went on strike to demand just wages and vacation time. The 90-day extension negotiation period will allow for Wabtec and the union to renegotiate just wages.

Pictured: Joe of the GE union and Sister Karen of Emmaus Ministries

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