Getting Ahead

“The program works like a round table think tank to discuss common social issues we’re dealing with,” says Sister Miriam Mashank to an Emmaus Pantry guest, describing the employment preparation program, Getting Ahead. “We focus on these three topics: What is poverty? How did I get into poverty? and How do I get out of poverty?”

This week, she’s sitting behind a small desk at the Emmaus Pantry talking with guests about the opportunity to sign up for the ten-week pre-employment training program sponsored by Erie City Mission. Getting Ahead only runs three times a year, accepting 15 participants at a time, and this session begins soon so she’s advertising in person.

Sister Miriam runs the program with two men in the city; they call one another “two guys and a nun.”

Along with being a local think tank addressing issues of poverty and joblessness in Erie, they provide a free meal, bring in local employers to speak about what they are looking for in employees, and offer specific advice on how to best find and maintain a job. Participants with perfect attendance are awarded $100 and a certificate of completion.

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