Gifts of Gratitude

Four seventh- and eighth-graders from Erie Day School made multiple trips from the cars to the soup kitchen carrying bag after bag, called “gifts of gratitude,” stuffed with goodies for the guests of Emmaus.

In total, the two hundred and twenty-two reusable grocery bags are filled with all sorts of toiletries and snacks, including water bottles, granola bars, toothbrushes, shampoo, combs, and more. Every grade level is assigned a certain item to bring to fill the bags and parents and teachers contributed too by purchasing $5 gift cards to McDonalds for each bag.

For the past three years, each Monday before Thanksgiving, Erie Day School hosts an all school Thanksgiving feast in which students and teachers eat the meal prepared by the students’ parents. At the feast, the children bring their gifts and assemble the bags.

“Making these gifts of gratitude is one way for our school to say that we’re here to help and we’re a part of the overall Erie community,” said Luca Spracklen, Student Council President and 8th grader at Erie Day School.

Pictured: Erie Day Students carrying the “gifts of gratitude” into Emmaus.

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