Giveaway at Emmaus Food Pantry

Sister Rosanne and Sister Colette were back in business at Emmaus Food Pantry this week. On Monday and Tuesday mornings someone could often find Sisters Rosanne Lindal-Hynes, OSB, Emmaus Women’s Advocate, and Colette Korn, OSB, a volunteer, arranging items to give away to guests who come to pick up food. Now in the yellow phase for Covid-19 re-opening and with masks donned, they were ready to share many donated items that they had not been able to share with guests during months spent in the red phase.

This past week they coordinated a giveaway with many furniture items from the Erie Benedictine monastery that had been sorted through during the isolated months of the pandemic, as well as other donated articles of clothing, suitcases, and carry bags. While everything went very quickly, the pieces of furniture, such as end tables, mattresses, and chests, were hot-ticket items. “We couldn’t get the furniture from our monastery off the truck fast enough. I am just grateful that we could give away items that our guests need during this time,” Sister Colette said afterward.

Photo: Sister Colette with guests

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