Global Sisters Report posts article by Sister Linda Romey

In 2014 NCR (National Catholic Reporter) launched a reporting project dedicated to telling the stories of women religious around the world called Global Sisters Report.

This groundbreaking project has built a global network of journalists to report the stories of sisters, their ministries and the people they serve. It includes columns by women religious and gives voice to sisters as well as recognition for the important work they do. In addition, sisters write commentary from their perspective.

A recent post by Sister Linda Romey shares her reflections in an article titled, “History where women's achievements are the norm, not the exception.” In it she says: “We need to do much more than celebrate the historical contributions of women religious. Much more, even, than broaden the focus of how we see their traditions expressed today. We need to rewrite history where women's achievements are the norm, not the exception.” Click here to read the article in full.

Global Sisters Report is an independent and non-profit source of news and information about Catholic sisters funded by a three year grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

[Linda Romey is a Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania, and is the community's web developer/designer. She does marketing for them, Monasteries of the Heart and Benetvision. Prior to entering the Erie Benedictines, she worked seven years in Colombia. She is a former marketing and advertising manager for the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company.]