Guitar Band Debut

When the stay-at-home order due to COVID-19 was mandated the community became very creative in making the time together count in new ways. As a result, Monday night supper has taken on a new twist. Sister Marilyn Schauble brought out her “coffee house” repertoire (coffeehouse genre is more of a combination of all the genres that can be played in a coffee house—or a monastery dining room) and the community has been enjoying dinner music. Last evening brought an added attraction.

At the suggestion of Sister Susan Doubet, Sister Dianne Sabol, who recently dusted off her guitar and began practicing again, pulled together a guitar band, some of whom have not played for many years (that would be Anne W and Charlotte). The group joined Marilyn for three songs, all conveniently using the same three chords. The sisters for whom the finger callouses have been long gone were especially grateful. It was such a great time the group might even be compelled to do it again.

*Full disclosure: the music accompanying the photo collage is not our Guitar Band but you know what they say: practice makes perfect. Someday it just might be us!

Click on the arrow to view a photo collage and click here for "You are my Sunshine," played by the newly formed OSB Guitar band.

Guitar Band: Sisters Dina Lauricella, Anne McCarthy, Kathy McCarthy, Dianne Sabol, Marilyn Schauble, Anne Wambach, Charlotte Anne Zalot