Helping Hands create a successful experience of Benedictine Values

On two beautiful fall days Mount St. Benedict Monastery became the setting for a Benedictine Ministries Day. Staff, volunteers and board members of our Benedictine ministries were invited to attend an information session about the Benedictine way of life and the Benedictine values that underlie the community’s works. It was an opportunity for participants to see a bigger picture as a result of spending some time with others who work in Benedictine ministries as well as with the sisters.

The program was organized by a designated committee which included Nancy Sabol, oblate and Director of St. Benedict Education Center, and Sisters Patricia Hause, Rosanne Kolbas and Linda Romey. Sisters Dorothy Stoner, Stephanie Schmidt and Susan Doubet were the presenters of information related to Benedictine life, ministries, and monastic formation in a program that was offered on two different days to accommodate the large response that was received.

Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, was more than pleased with the outcome: “These past two days we welcomed almost 200 people who are involved in our ministries in some capacity. It was wonderful to have them come to the monastery and enjoy a well-planned program as well as lunch and a tour of our home. While many of the faces were familiar ones, it was a first time experience for several. Our kitchen staff, under the direction of Susan Kranz, provided a lovely lunch, room set up was done by Sister Charles Marie Holze and our maintenance staff, and monastery tours were handled by Sister Jean Wolbert. The hospitality shown by those who assisted in any way and all the members of the community truly made our Benedictine values real for the guests so that they not only heard about these values from presenters but also saw them lived.”