An Ides of March Sunday Supper

An ides refers to days that land in the middle of the month, which in months with 31 days means March 15. Although almost every month has an "ides", the Ides of March is known for its history of unfortunate events. In fact, because of that, the "Ides of March" often strikes fear in the hearts of superstitious people. Not so at Mount St. Benedict.

The Ides of March brought with it a wonderful event that created fun rather than fear. The women in Initial Monastic Formation got together and prepared a special Sunday Supper for the community and believe you me, it was wonderful! Homemade soups, freshly baked bread, cupcakes with the best frosting ever, and a new treat of New Zealand origin (made by our very own Aussie/New Zealander):"Moth Balls"—a confection of chocolate-covered, cake crusted marshmallows dusted with white chocolate rounded out the menu. Ummm, good!

"It was a delightful evening in every way—a community celebration of a simple meal that became a sacred occasion in the sharing of friendship, food, faith and fun—“family” at its best," said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress.

The meal would not have been complete without a special thank you called forth by Sister Mary Therese Egan: "Let's give a hand to our wonderful folks in initial monastic formation!" And that we did with long, loud applause and lots of gratitude to the women who created a very special event: Scholastics: Sisters Dina Lauricella, Karen Oprenchok, Valerie Luckey and Kathleen McCarthy; Postulants: Jen Frazer, Jacqueline Small and Colleen Leathley.