It is finished in Beauty

Christ is crucified today whenever and wherever hatred, violence and injustice prevail.

As part of the triduum, the Benedictine Sisters, along with oblates, family members, friends and interested public, walked through downtown Erie marking the Way of the Cross, mindful that an injustice to one is an injustice to all.

“This is our 37th Peace Pilgrimage,” explained Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “We carry with us all the suffering of the world. We are reminded of the need for reform and change — for an end to violence, war, abuse, discrimination of any kind.”

The procession through the streets of Erie ended with the procession to the cross in the monastery chapel. Each person came forward to venerate the cross, the symbol in which the magnitude of human tragedy and the infinite love of God are seen.

Good Friday is a faith walk. It renews hope. Somewhere, somehow there is going to be a resurrection, even in the places of the greatest injustices. Somewhere, somehow there is going to be a resurrection ─ a rebirth of peace, justice, and joy that will never fade.

Good Friday . . . it is finished in beauty . . . now to wait for resurrection.