Joanne Cahill becomes a “Riepper”

A simple ceremony initiated Joanne Cahill as a participant in the Benedicta Riepp program. During the ritual she expressed her desire to journey and live monastic life with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie for a period of 6 months. With the assurance of the community’s support she pronounced and signed a statement of promise in the presence of Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, and the community.

After being presented with the Rule of Benedict Joanne was welcomed into the Benedicta Riepp Program and into the heart of the community with the following words of blessing prayed by the prioress in the name of all the sisters:

Joanne ---
May your participation in our prayer and liturgical life lead you to recognize and celebrate the God who lives within you.
May your participation in our community life help you to grow in love and respect for others and in appreciation of your unique giftedness.
May your participation in our ministries open your heart to the needs of the poor and deepen your commitment to live the gospel of Love.

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