Join us in praying for vocations

Catholic Sisters Week 2020 has celebrated the commitment of religious women throughout the world. As we come to the end of this week of mindfulness of the contributions that Catholic Sisters continue to make throughout the world, we invite you to join with us in ongoing prayer for vocations Thank you for your ongoing support of who we are and what we do as we seek God in community and respond in ministry. We are better because of you.

Loving God,
we believe that Benedictine monasticism
can bear fruit for the world.

We are grateful for the vocation
with which you have blessed us.

May our faithfulness
to the monastic way of life
awaken others
to the stirrings of your Spirit.

Bless them with the grace
to accept the invitation
to seek you in community
through prayer and ministry.

Give us a profound respect
for these seekers.
Let us welcome them into our midst
and reverence them
with kindness and attention.

May we uphold them
as you uphold us,
now and forever. Amen