Jubilee 2018 Re-cap

In a Benedictine community jubilee is important. It is a celebration that commemorates the passage of years in which a sister has faithfully lived the vowed life. This year’s Golden Jubilarians: Sisters Mary Susan Hallstein, Janet Goetz, Marla Bleil, Dorothy Stoner and Susan Freitag were celebrated with great joy and gratitude on Saturday, September 22. With simplicity and gentleness, courage and conviction, these women have lived as Benedictines and worked to bring about the reign of God as a result of a call and a response that set them on a journey with God.

View the slide show by clicking on the arrow and enjoy a recap of the jubilee event. It will give you a peek into a meaningful and memorable celebration that reflects the life, love and joy of a community that knows the real meaning of jubilee!