July 11: Feast of Benedict

In the Benedictine Calendar of Saints, Benedict of Nursia is celebrated as the founder of Western Monasticism on July 11. It is a day to give honor to Benedict and the Rule that he developed.

Benedict's Rule is all about love: it teaches that everything is a holy endeavor; it points to Christ. “Prefer nothing to the love of Christ” sums it up perfectly.

As Benedictines, preferring nothing to the love of Christ is how we seek God in our prayer life, in our community living and in our ministries. Prayer, community and ministry become a way for us to deepen our connection with God, with one another and with the world. We use our God-given gifts in service to others; we live a life rooted in the Gospel. In everything we do we strive to exhibit strength, zeal, compassion and the many other virtues of committed life lived in the spirit of Benedict — a way of life grounded in charity, humility, stability, and faithfulness.

This feast of Benedict, marked in the middle of summer and in the middle of the ordinary time of the liturgical year, becomes a source of inspiration and encouragement for all of us as we continue to "run on the path of God's commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love." (Rule of Benedict, Prologue 49)

It is our hope that the life and ministry we embrace as Benedictine monastics will continue to witness to the grace of God in the world.