Keep Families Together

The recent immigration policy and practice of separating immigrant and asylum-seeking families is cruel and causes trauma especially for children. In April, Attorney General Sessions announced a zero-tolerance policy, prosecuting those attempting to cross the border. As the adults are taken into detention, their children, including infants, are taken from them. This practice has been growing since last October; now, as stated policy, it is expected to increase.

The United States should be protecting the well-being of all children—no matter the circumstances that brought them to the United States. Reports of abuse of children in custody of immigration officials are unacceptable and must end.

On Friday June 1st local organizations will join together to demand the administration end the policy that separates parents from their children:

Friday, June 1st
Noon- 12:45
Corner of South Park Row and State Street
(Federal Building)

Organizations include: Erie Benedictines for Peace, Erie County United, Erie Sisters of Mercy Justice Ministry, and Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates, Indivisible.