Kids Cafe Christmas Store Donations

“Oh good, you’re donating LEGOs,” said Kids Cafe coordinator, Stephanie Grear, to the Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society of Mercyhurst University when they delivered gifts for the children’s Christmas Store.

The Honor Society donated much more than LEGOs, including footballs, dolls, and more. But Stephanie was most excited about the LEGOs because recently, when asking the children at the Kids Café what four items they would ask of Santa for Christmas, one little boy said: “LEGOs, LEGOs, LEGOs, and… LEGOs!” And when asked if he thinks he’ll get any, he said, “I know I’m going to get LEGOs for Christmas because I told Santa that’s what I want and Santa won’t let me down.”

“That’s all he wants this year,” Stephanie said. “And now we have some to give him. Thank you for your donations.”

Photo: Kelli Deighan, Hailey Keating, and Amy Bauschard of Mercyhurst University

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