Kids Cafe takes a Field Trip to Shoe Carnival and Splash Lagoon

Over 60 children from the Kids Cafe took their annual trip to Splash Lagoon in late July, stopping first at Shoe Carnival to get a new pair of shoes for school.

“I got these awesome Adidas shoes!” said Juan, a twelve-year-old. Juan’s cousin, thirteen-year-old LaQuisha, added “My shoes had a really high price tag… I didn’t know if it was okay to get them but I really liked them and they said yes.”

Part of the reason this was possible is because Shoe Carnival provided a 30% discount on the shoes. Matt Gregoroff, for the 8th year in a row, made the rest possible by soliciting funds from members of his parish, the Russian Orthodox Church. The church first became involved when Denny Oswalt, Sr., the initiator of the annual summer event, passed away. In memory of their father, brothers Jason and Denny Jr. and their families were in attendance. Denny Jr., who flew from California with his family, works at Nike and brought one pair of Nike socks and a Nike shirt for each child of the Kids Cafe.

At Splash Lagoon, the children had a pizza lunch and then played in the water for a few hours. The excitement of the outings was so much that some children were so exhausted they could barely keep their eyes open at the end of the day.

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