Little Caesars Love Kitchen visits Emmaus Ministries

A fad in big cities is the presence of food trucks, or ice-cream-truck-like vehicles equipped with on-board kitchens to cook and vend food. But have you ever seen a food truck the size of a semi?

That’s exactly what showed up at Emmaus Soup Kitchen this month: a semi-truck equipped with an entire kitchen, capable of making 90 Little Caesars pizzas! The truck, called the Little Caesars Love Kitchen, travels across the United States and Canada, donating large quantities of freshly baked pizza like this to people who are homeless, hungry, and disaster victims. To date, they have served more than three million people.

This was the second time the Love Kitchen came to Erie and served at Emmaus. Guests of Emmaus – about 215 adults and 40 children – were thrilled to receive pieces of fresh pepperoni and cheese pizza.

And local Little Caesars employees were happy to take part in the Love Kitchen’s large operation, too. "We always enjoy giving back to the community and show people who we really are, and give them really high-quality pizzas,” said Christine Deegan, a manager of a local Little Caesars franchise, who helped to make the pizzas in the Love Kitchen truck.

The Love Kitchen operates via support of local Little Caesars employees and with donations of franchise owners from across the two countries.

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