Many hands make light work

Teamwork at its best came to the forefront in the monastery when the recommendation was made to use masks to help prevent the spreading of germs as related to COVID-19. A group of community members took up the project of mask-making. In doing so they responded creatively to a need and served a common good.

Friends and family members donated fabric and elastic; the Neighborhood Art House lent sewing machines. Put that together with a monastery sewing room well-stocked in buttons and thread and pre-cut fabric provided by Sisters Beth Adams, Anne McCarthy, Stephanie Schmidt, and Postulant Colleen Leathley, and the sewers were able to take it from there.

Novice Jen Frazer, Postulant Jacqueline Small, and Sister Kathy McCarthy, Scholastic, sewed more than 250+ masks of various styles and color. “It really was a group effort,” said Postulant Jacqueline, “and we were happy to be able to provide masks for community members, friends and family, employees and guests at Emmaus Soup Kitchen.”

Clearly, this outreach served many. It was also a good reminder that “when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." (Mattie Stepanek) Many hands really do make light work.