March Madness at the Kids Cafe and Gym

All across the country – in offices, schools, online, and yes, even in the Kids Cafe – people are filling out NCAA March Madness basketball brackets.

“Eleven of the children at the Kids Cafe filled out their brackets already,” said Sister Dianne Sabol, who runs the gym the children use. The child with the most correct guesses has the opportunity to win a gift card.

As the children came into the gym on March 14th, Sister Dianne reminded them of the opportunity to participate in the playful competition. “I won last year,” said one of the older boys as he walked in, “Remember, Sister Di? I won a gift card to the pizza place!”

As he and his friends took new brackets to fill out for this year’s tournament, and then quickly raced off to the gym to play basketball themselves, Sister Dianne reminded them:

“Everyone has to have at least the First Round of games filled out in order to participate in our tournament!”

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Pictured: Sister Dianne Sabol assisting the children as they fill out their March Madness brackets.