Mark your calendars: 2018 Mid-Life / Long-Life Retreat Dates have been posted

Mark your calendar now for a weekend experience to refocus in the midst of life's changes with a Mid-Life/Long-Life Retreat for Personal and Spiritual Growth for Adults. The 2018 dates have now been posted: May 18 – 20 and September 8 – 9.

The September 2017 Mid-life/Long-life Retreat let the presenters, Sister Rosanne Loneck and Kathleen Kutz, know that this worthwhile experience needed to be made available again. Sixteen participants from Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas participated in that particular weekend. The most common comment of those participating was: “The weekend was a wonderful experience; it was just what I needed.”

Sister Rosanne shared: “Each participant had their own unique journey but it was soon obvious they came with a common purpose: to look at and consider the many joys, struggles, challenges and successes they’ve experienced over the years.” One participant had this to say: “This was a time for me to renew my faith, hope and love in life itself.”

“Within the context of one’s personal faith experience, this retreat provides an opportunity to put the many pieces together that have become the mosaic of one’s life,” said Kathleen Kutz. “It is a time to integrate the inner and outer experiences of life’s journey.” As part of this integration the retreatants were invited to create their own personal mandalas. “I loved the hands-on experience that allowed me to give a visual expression to my reflections,” shared another retreatant.

In reflecting on the overall September 2017 experience, Sister Rosanne said: “It was truly a memorable weekend. Many stories were shared among us. Although loss was a common experience in the stories shared, an awareness grew that wisdom and affirmations can be the fruit of our losses, helping us transition onto new paths that are ultimately transformative.”

Download a printable 2018 flyer here. For more information click here to contact Sister Rosanne Loneck.

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