Memorable Moments II

Are you ready to "open your eyes to the light that comes from God, and your ears to the voice from the heavens?" (Rule of Benedict, Prologue) If so, consider responding to God's call to live the Gospel message more intensely as part of a religious community. Come and see if our community might be the right one for you!

Here is what Molly had to say about her time with us: One of the most memorable moments was one morning when I decided to run around the trails on the property after breakfast. I was alone and the sun was rising and nearly the whole time I was singing hymns as the sky changed from a dark purple to a variety of pastel pinks and yellows until it was finally blue. I took the time to soak in everything around me and thank God for existing and God's creations. I observed the way shale rock formations near the stream had been carved out by the stream’s water, listened to the morning birds serenading the sunrise and marveled at the beauty surrounding me.

Consider coming for a visit and making "memorable moments" here at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.

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