Midnight Snacks

“I’m off to the grocery store to get something for the guests of Emmaus Soup Kitchen,” Marcia Frisina told her husband Dom, “but I’m still not sure of what I’ll get.”

When she got to the store and walked the aisles, she decided that bags of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with carrot and celery sticks might be nice. So she bought enough to make 105 bags worth, brought the supplies home, and made the sandwiches. Her husband packed the bags.

About a week prior, Marcia came to Emmaus for the first time to deliver felt scarves that she and her grandchildren made for our guests. While visiting, our staff introduced her to our mission and gave her a tour of the kitchen. “After finishing the scarves, I felt like I needed another project. I was happy to make sandwiches so people could take them home. Peanut butter and jelly sits well for the night – so it could be a nighttime or morning snack for those with a sweet tooth. And the veggies add a little crunch. Who doesn’t like a snack at nighttime?” Marcia said.

And she’s right. The evening we handed out the bags, one of our regular guests was elated. “Look at this!” he said, “Someone made me a sandwich that I can take home with me.” Then he smiled wide, “This will be my midnight snack.”

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