Monks in our Midst highlight social justice issues with bicycles and social media

Monks in our Midst highlight social justice issues with bicycles and social media

Four Monasteries of the Heart “Monks in our Midst” columnists, Benedictine Sisters Anne McCarthy, Val Luckey and Linda Romey and former Joan Chittister intern now Emmaus Ministries staff person Breanna Mekuly are among a small group of cyclists who will ride 100 miles from Erie, PA, to Niagara Falls, Canada, on October 2. The ride is in conjunction with the opening of the annual Communicators for Women Religious (CWR) Conference that will take place in Niagara Falls starting October 3.

“When CWR chose Niagara Falls as site of the 2017 conference I knew that we had a unique opportunity to focus attention on the mission and image of Catholic sisters,” said Stephanie Hall, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania, SSJ Associate, CWR board member and cyclist. “The 100-mile ride from Erie to Niagara is a beautiful trek along Lake Erie so we started talking about biking to the conference—actually and virtually.” Sister Linda, also a cyclist and a CWR member, joined with Stephanie to plan the ride.

The cyclists will make five stops along the route where they will livestream (Facebook Live) brief information on social justice issues, share some Catholic sisters’ initiatives on the issue and offer prayers on that issue.

Monasteries of the Heart is an online movement sharing Benedictine spirituality with contemporary seekers that the Erie Benedictines began in 2011 and good work is one of the main elements of the monastic tradition that members strive to live. As a largely online community, members know that cyber connections can complement physical connections and provide opportunity for participation in events that were formerly out of reach. And so the cycling Monks will invite you to pray along with them throughout the ride as they reflect on responses to human trafficking, poverty, violence, immigration and environmental degradation.

The Erie Benedictine Facebook page will share the live-streamed ride and prayer stops as they happen. Like us now so you receive the feeds and ride virtually with us on October 2. More information is on the CWR website.

Caption: Cyclists prepare for the 100-mile actual ride: Linda Romey, OSB, Stephanie Ciner, Benedictine friend and volunteer, Anne McCarthy, OSB, Stephanie Hall, Dina Lauricella, OSB, Breanna Mekuly, Val Luckey, OSB