A Mother’s Day Event: Defend Mother Earth!

Sisters Pat Lupo, Lucia and Claire Surmik, Oblate Janice Etchison, Sarah Everett, Elliot Dale and Sam Miller took part in "The Barrel Battle at the Border," a demonstration against fracking. In an effort to acknowledge Mother Earth and the suffering that is hers, it was held on Mother’s Day. The Erie group from Our Water, Our Air, Our Rights joined anti-fracking activists from Butler, PA to face off against Ohio anti-fracking groups from Youngstown and Ashtabula in a mock battle at the border over accepting fracking waste water. Long and short: nobody wants it!

The battle started at 4:00 PM. It was Pennsylvania against Ohio. Pennsylvanians don’t want nasty drilling waste in their backyards and Ohioans are sick of being the dumping ground for the radioactive toxic wastewater that comes from the fracturing of natural gas wells on Pennsylvania. The battle ensued with a “fake” barrel of toxic waste water being kicked back and forth over the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. By 5:00 PM the barrel was leaking and the two sides saw that there was no clear winner in sight. In the end, they chose to build ties toward common goals and shared a pot luck feast and conversation to surface approaches for moving to clean energy and ending reliance on fossil fuels.