NETWORK comes to CRM in Oil City, PA

Sisters Marian Wehler, OSB and Tina Geiger, RSM, co-directors of Catholic Rural Ministry (CRM), Oil City Deanery of the Diocese of Erie, recently hosted one of 18 "Rural Roundtable Listening Sessions" held across the nation. Sponsored by NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Washington, DC, the listening sessions aimed to address current rural issues. A group of 25 community leaders gathered at the Carone Center in Oil City on November 20. Following prayer and lunch, they shared their perspective on the concerns of the people they serve as well as the reasons they like living in Venango County with Sisters Simone Campbell, SSS and Emily TeKloste, SP of NETWORK.

"Lack of transportation and communication infrastructures were named as key obstacles that impact the people in rural areas," said Sister Marian. "Both of these concerns have an adverse effect on the quality of life in rural communities."

NETWORK will compile a summary of the feedback they received from the all of listening sessions across the nation in hopes of developing an advocacy legislative platform for their 2020 justice work. Remembered by some people as "The Nuns on the Bus," the Catholic Sisters of NETWORK educate, organize and lobby for economic and social transformation.

Click here to read a detailed article on the event found on p 8 of Venango Works, Volume 15 | Issue 12 | December 2019.