New Workshops at Art House

New Thursday Workshops at Art House

Each September the Inner-city Neighborhood Art House hosts one of its major fundraisers, Taste of the Arts. "Because of the pandemic and the children's limited access to classes, we don't have the quantity of small art items to offer our Taste of the Arts patrons," said Sister Annette Marshall, executive director. "Some of our teachers have come up with an innovative way to increase the amount of student artwork available and, at the same time, to offer new art experiences for the children.” Sarah Everett, Program Assistant, reports that, “these children are excited about these extra opportunities and glad to be able to ‘give back’ in this way.” Taste of the Arts is important not only because it shares the Art House mission of putting beauty in the lives of inner-city children with the larger Erie community, it also helps us keep our programming free for inner-city children.