Novice Kathy turns wood with Sister Audrey

“The novice is given a choice of artistic experiences where she can learn something new, discover her creative spirit, and engage in beauty and meditation throughout the process. We call it ‘art as meditation,’” explains Sister Marilyn Schauble, novice director. “Monasticism has always encouraged the practice of the arts—from the illustration of texts to the singing of sacred chant, to tapestry weaving, sculpting, poetry and writing—and we want our new members to learn this tradition because it supports the development of a whole, healthy person.”

Novice Kathy McCarthy is finding this to be true in her novitiate experience of art as meditation. She has been practicing the art of wood turning with Sister Audrey Steff, a master of woodturning which is the art or process of fashioning wooden pieces or blocks into various forms and shapes by means of a lathe ( wood turner. Kathy's first project: a candle holder. “Kathy has done very well,” said Sister Audrey. “I always enjoy sharing and teaching what I can about something I love.” Sister Marilyn added, “This first piece of art crafted by Kathy is just beautiful. I am excited to see what comes next.”