Novice moving forward

Novice Kathleen McCarthy will be moving forward into the third stage of initial monastic formation: the Scholasticate. Each stage of initial formation is accompanied by continued vocation discernment. Discernment led Sister Kathleen to request first monastic profession and continue her journey of seeking God in community with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. With the blessing of Novice Director, Sister Marilyn Schauble, the Prioress, Sister Anne Wambach, the monastic council and community, Sister Kathleen will profess first monastic vows in the near future at a date to be decided.

“We are so pleased to welcome and uphold Sister Kathleen as she prepares to move into the Scholasticate as a professed monastic,” said Sister Anne Wambach. Sister Marilyn Schauble added: “We are stronger because of Sister Kathleen’s presence and commitment.”

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