Now available: The 2018 Joan Chittister Calendar

Throughout history there have been fiery trail-blazing women who spoke their truth and changed history. And the 2018 Joan Chittister Calendar honors twelve of them. Insightful and inspiring quotes from Sister Joan echo the wisdom of such luminaries as Fannie Lou Hamer, Joan of Arc, Four Women Martyrs of El Salvador, Susan B. Anthony, Rachel Carson....Erie artist Marcy Hall (2016 Joan Chittister calendar) returns with her vibrant, whimsical, yet deeply reflective paintings that capture the essence of each of these remarkable women.

Included in the calendar is a bonus gift: A two-page tear-out that contains a 3.5"x4.25" bookmark of each of the monthly paintings and quotes with a brief biography of the featured women on the reverse side. The set of 12 bookmarks available for purchase apart from the calendar.

The Monastic Way, a monthly reflection piece by Joan Chittister now in its 26th year, will feature these same 12 women in the 2018 edition. Sister Joan shares her penetrating insights on wisdom quotes from these women who spoke out against injustice and forged a path of righteousness in difficult times. The Monastic Way is available in print or online.

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