Nuns have fun, too!

Fond memories of trick or treating keep Halloween alive for many of us. In fact, memories are often the reason why we work to keep the tradition going. So why not celebrate those memories with a party? That’s exactly what the Erie Benedictines did and we found that homemade cupcakes, snacks, candy treats, jack-o’-lantern carving and games work magic in seconds. Being in costume─even better! Hearts expand, smiles widen, eyes light up. While it is true that Halloween is not a “holy” day there is something sacred about it. It is a day of fun and creativity, laughter and love. If the whole world could imagine and see Halloween as a day when barriers are dropped, kindnesses extended and honest fun celebrated, there is no doubt there would be even more reason to party.

Enjoy some photos from our party. Click on the arrow and let the fun begin!