Passion Sunday at the Monastery

We celebrated the Passion Story at the monastery this morning. The questions asked were poignant: Were we there when they crucified Jesus? Are we there when Jesus is crucified again and again in our world today? Can we form a community of love so powerful that it can be a force to turn back terror and hatred and fear? Can the hope in our hearts and the kindness in our actions turn back the despair of the poor and vulnerable? Can we find the humility of heart to forgive and ask forgiveness for all the hurt and all the pain?

Together we sang: “Were you There?” Together we heard Jesus sing: “Stay with me.” Together we prayed to have the courage and the compassion to heal our broken world. Together we prayed for all those close to us: our community members, families, friends, oblates, employees, benefactors and volunteers—with gratitude for the relationships we share and with hope that all will stay well. During this time of necessary separation you are remembered.

(Music accompanying the collage: "Were You There" played by the Benedictine Sisters' Handbell Choir.