The People's Supper

Sister Mary Miller, director of Emmaus Ministries, was one of 80 people included in Erie’s inaugural The People’s Supper, “a national initiative designed to bring diverse groups together through a series of shared meals.”

“I’ve never been in a more diverse group of people committed to the same cause: to making Erie a better, more loving city,” she said.

The People’s Supper focuses on bringing together neighbors in a community to first get to know one another and then build relationships. Organizers of The People’s Supper hope that this will bring about neighborly trust and social change.

Erie Mayor Joe Schember says: "The No. 1 point in our vision is that we celebrate the rich cultural diversity that we have in Erie. One of my goals is to eliminate racism and prejudice, and have everyone accepted for who they are regardless of the color of their skin, their educational background, their religious preferences and their sexual preferences." He hopes this will happen through The People’s Supper which will continue with eight more dinners, allowing people to continuing getting to know one another and building relationships.

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