Pies in the Face, Jeans, and Emmaus Soup Kitchen

Have you ever gotten a pie in the face?

To raise money for the Emmaus Soup Kitchen (and have a bit of fun!), the RA’s (Resident Assistants of housing) at Mercyhurst University allowed their students to smash pies into their faces.

“Event leaders organized a ‘pie your RA’ program that required a donation to get a pie,” said Bethany Brun, the Coordinator of Service Learning at Mercyhurst. “Many of the RA’s who participated have served meals at the soup kitchen on Saturdays,” she continued. “So all proceeds from the event were to benefit the Emmaus Soup Kitchen.”

In addition to the “pie” funds raised by students, “jeans day” funds were also raised to support the soup kitchen. The Employee Senate at Mercyhurst University celebrated a “wear jeans day,” and with the proceeds donated $1000 to Emmaus.

Photo: Emmaus Staff member Rita Scrimenti with members of the Mercyhurst Employee Senate

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