Pies for Emmaus guests

Kindergarteners and preschoolers (with the help of their teachers) from Saint Luke Catholic School made 22 pies for the guests of Emmaus Soup Kitchen. Half the pies were pumpkin, the other half were apple. The children picked bushels upon bushels of apples in an orchard the week before they made the pies.

“How did you make these pies?” asked Breanna Mekuly, Emmaus Ministries staff member, when she met with the classes of students to thank them for sharing the pies with the guests of Emmaus.

Hands shot up in the air to respond. “I brought the sugar!” said one little boy. “And I brought the cinnamon,” said a little girl, “yum!” The children were also involved in the processes of rolling out the dough and mixing the fillings. Thanks to their teachers, Tina Herrmann and Haley Kolash, for organizing this project and delivering the pies to the soup kitchen.

Pictured: Saint Luke students with several finished pies.

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