Poetry Month: Over or not?

April celebrated poetry in a special way. It was, after all, National Poetry Month. In fact, the Writing Studio--a women's collective to honor the word, organized the handing out of poems for Poem in Your Pocket Day. You can read a volunteer’s reflection about that experience on The Writing Studio website by clicking here. Breanna Mekuly shares what it was like to be handing out poems in the city of Erie.

Even though the month is now officially ended, perhaps poetry experiences gained will help us keep it going. Why? The answer is simple: the world needs more poetry. Poetry can provide the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective; poetry can change us. As Sister Mary Lou Kownacki, initiator and organizer of the writing collective, says: “Poems can have a magical, humorous, and profound effect on people.”

So, even if April did not afford you the opportunity to discover a new poet or delight in favorite poems, it is not too late to put a poem in your pocket, take it with you wherever you go and share it however you can. There is no time limit on finding and celebrating poetry. Maybe there is even a poem searching for you.