May Date set for Postulant Jen's entrance into the Novitiate

On the day before Hosannas were set to ring out on Passion (Palm) Sunday, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie were sneaking in a resounding alleluia to affirm Postulant Jen Frazer’s request to move forward and enter the novitiate. After a community vote, there was much reason for rejoicing. Jen’s request was accepted and she will formally begin her novitiate in May.

The novice year is one of ongoing discernment, study and preparation prior to taking vows. Jen will be accompanied by Sister Stephanie Schmidt, OSB, in the role of Novice Director.

“We have been blessed with the presence of Jen among us. She is a multi-talented woman who gives generously and seeks God with great integrity,” said prioress, Sister Anne Wambach. “We look forward to welcoming her now as community member.”

The community traditionally forms a hug line after the good news is announced but this time physical distancing prevented what would have been the normal response. Instead, the members were very creative in sharing their happiness in non-hug hugs that took a variety of forms.

Jen, who hails from the Boston area, began her postulancy in January of 2019. Since then she has lived in the monastery and worked in the community’s ministries at St. Benedict Child Development Center and the Inner-City Neighborhood Art House. She is an artist and musician with a strong background in theology.

Visit Become a Benedictine to learn more about membership with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie or contact Sister Marilyn Schauble., Vocation Director, for information about becoming a Benedictine Sister of Erie.