Postulant Patricia Witulski Requests Entrance into the Novitiate

For the past year, Patricia Witulski has continued to discern her call to the monastic way of life with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. As a postulant Pat became more familiar with Benedictine spirituality through participation in the prayer, work and life of the community. She chose St. Benedict Education Center (SBEC) as her place of ministry and has been a teacher of English and basic skills to the refugee population enrolled in SBEC’s programs. “My experience in this particular ministry has been priceless,” Pat said. “There was no mistake made when God chose to place these gentle individuals from Nepal, Africa, Iraq and the Ukraine in my life. They have taught me about trust and compassion. I have learned more from them than than I could ever have learned on my own.”

At a special chapter meeting of the community Pat requested to take the next step in the formation process: entrance into the novitiate. The novice year is one of ongoing discernment, study and preparation prior to taking vows. After sharing with the community her reflection on the postulancy, Pat explained, “I desire to continue my pursuit of seeking God at this time with you, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie . . . I am ready to take my relationship with God to the next level . . . I humbly ask to continue my discernment process with you as a novice.”

The community accepted Pat’s request with great joy and welcomed her with a full-voiced alleluia, words of encouragement and lots of hugs as shown by the collage of pictures. “We have been blessed with Pat’s presence among us,” said prioress, Sister Anne Wambach. “We look forward to welcoming her now as a member.”

Pat, who will begin her novitiate year in August, shared, “I am longing for the time and space to grow in my prayer life and to deepen my engagement in the responsibilities of living in community.” She will do this under the direction of Sister Stephanie Schmidt. “It has been my privilege to accompany Pat during her postulant year,” said Sister Stephanie. “I look forward to continuing to journey with her as she moves into the novitiate.”

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Contact Sister Marilyn Schauble., Vocation Director, for information about becoming a Benedictine Sister of Erie.