Postulant Valerie Luckey Requests Entrance into the Novitiate

“Ever since I decided to begin seeking with this community two years ago and entered the postulancy a year later, the word that has centered me has been authenticity,” said Postulant Val. “This is because I am seeking the place that is the best fit for me as I journey toward my authentic self. And, for me, that journey is the journey of seeking God fully.”

At a special chapter meeting of the community Postulant Val Luckey requested entrance into the novitiate. “During my postulancy, more than ever, I have learned that I am responsible for that journey [of seeking God fully]; and indeed, we are all responsible for our own journeys toward God. I have also learned that the best way for me to seek God is through immersion in prayer and the support of community. The monastic life offers a very particular sort of prayer and community that seems so lacking today, but one that is so necessary for me in the journey of seeking God. Prayer reminds us of the spirit that lives in the deepest parts of ourselves, and community supports us along the way,” shared Val. “I have also learned that the journey is made up of many decisions along the way. The decision I have made at this point is to request to continue seeking God here [with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie], to enter the novitiate and in turn enter into a very special time of prayer and community in one's monastic journey.”

The community accepted the request with great joy and welcomed Val with a full-voiced alleluia and words of encouragement. “We have been blessed with the presence of this young woman among us,” said prioress, Sister Anne Wambach. “We look forward to welcoming her now as sister and community member.”

For the past year Val has lived in the monastery and worked at St. Benedict Child Development Center, one of the community’s ministries. The novice year, which will soon begin for Val, is one of ongoing discernment, study and preparation prior to taking vows.

To learn more about membership with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie contact Sister Marilyn Schauble., Vocation Director, for information about becoming a Benedictine Sister of Erie.

Photo: L-R: Sisters Marilyn Schauble, Vocation Director, Linda Romey (Lectio partner), Postulant Val, Sisters Anne Wambach, Prioress, Stephanie Schmidt, Director of Monastic Formation.