The power of reminiscence therapy

Dwelling in the past used to be considered a sign of senility, but reminiscing can be an important and therapeutic aspect of aging. “Today we honor Sister Mary Bernadette Ladner,” explained Mary Rita Grocutt, Director of Health Services at Mount St. Benedict monastery. “We will take time to reminisce with her about her life.”

A group of sisters was on hand to enjoy the event. Sister Mary Susan Hallstein had prepared a “Reminiscence Board” with the help of Sister Marcia Sigler; it was filled with stories and photos and tidbits about Sister Mary Bernadette’s life. By the end of the sharing it was clear: Sister Mary Bernadette was greatly admired for her courage, strength, kindness and sense of humor, all of which have served her throughout life and which continue to mark the sweet woman that she remains to this day.

Throughout the session Sister Mary Bernadette, who is 94 years young, smiled, answered questions and was able to add some interesting information in the delightful manner by which she is known—and ever the perfect lady she ended the session with a sincere: “Thank you for coming.”