Project Miriam

With pamphlets, DVDs, prayer cards and medals of Benedict in hand Sister Marilyn was ready to tell her vocation story and the story of the Erie Benedictines to a group of high school and college-age women who had accepted the invitation to attend Project Miriam, A Vocation Dinner.

Sponsored by the Erie Diocese and facilitated by Father Michael Polinek, Diocesan Vocation Director, the event provided the opportunity to learn more about religious life. Held at Villa Maria Academy, the evening was attended by approximately 36 young women who enjoyed a simple supper of soup, sandwiches and cookies, conversation, and prayer. As part of the welcome, Bishop Persico got the ball rolling by sharing his call to the priesthood. This was followed by a panel of religious sisters that included representatives from Sisters of the Spiritual Family the Work, Franciscan Sisters, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of St. Joseph and Sisters of St. Benedict.

“This was a great initiative by the Diocese and I found it to be a worthwhile evening,” said Sister Marilyn Schauble, Vocation Director. “I met young women who are searching for God and a way to live out that relationship in their lives. I enjoyed good conversation and honest interest from those in attendance. And yes, I did take a packet of goodies for the attendees. I always hope to leave a message in the heart of the listeners. The pamphlet and DVD about the Erie Benedictines, along with a vocation prayer and medal of Benedict will hopefully serve to keep that message alive and help these young women see that religious life can be a viable way of life to live out one’s vocation.”

There are more packets available. If you are interested in learning about the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, please feel free to contact Sister Marilyn Schauble. You will get something in your hand and maybe in your heart, too!