Roof Replacement at SBEC

It began with a small drip. Then a larger one. Then a steady stream. First in the classrooms, then in the kitchen. The problem was clear – the roof was at the end of its life. And so this summer St. Benedict Education Center (SBEC) became a construction zone again, as the old roof was torn off and replaced with one that will serve for many years to come.

The staff, participants and neighboring ministries endured the smells, sounds and inconvenience for several weeks. Parking was disrupted and semi-trucks bringing materials and hauling away trashed lined 10th Street. Nevertheless, classes were held amidst the chaos.

“We even managed to encourage the workmen to take their boots off when they came down from the roof so as not to drag tar onto the carpet,” shared Nancy Sabol, Executive Director. “We reminded ourselves on a daily basis that this disruption was the price of progress, and we are grateful that the steady drip drip has come to an end!”