Is anyone among you sick?

“May all of us know peace, healing and the deep strength of our common faith,” prayed Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, as the community gathered for the celebration of the Sacrament of Anointing within the setting of the community’s evening prayer.

The sisters companion those being anointed. The sacrament is administered to bring spiritual and even physical strength to those who suffer illness or old age. Anointing with the sacred oil is a sign of blessing by the Spirit. The sacramental anointing can inspire and comfort both those who are being anointed as well as all who are gathered.

“It is our privilege as community to pray God’s healing and anointing upon the sick among us,” said Sister Anne. And so, when the anointing takes place community members surround the one being anointed and uphold them with prayer and love. Sister Anne, Mary Beth Peterseim, RN and Patty Johnson, RN from the monastery’s Health Services, accompanied Father Mark Nowak as the sacrament unfolded for the sisters and oblates who were anointed.

“To see the openness and vulnerability of those being anointed is a tender moment,” said Sister Irene Spacht, community liturgist. “The depth of feeling and the desire for healing and peace is tangible. It is very touching to witness and to experience.”

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