SBA Christmas Party 2019

“Once again, the SBA annual Christmas Party was a success,” said Ann Comstock, SBA Alum Director. “We came together and shared an evening of fun and laughter, catching up with friends and classmates, sisters and teachers, and simply having a good time.” More than 300 guests gathered to begin this year’s Christmas season. “I just love this party,” shared one alum. “If we could bottle that unbelievable SBA spirit and sell it we’d make millions!” Until that can happen, gift baskets provide the opportunity to raise funds.

The gift basket raffle is one of the favored features of this event and this year’s selection did not disappoint. In the spirit of Christmas giving the party’s proceeds were donated to St. Benedict Child Development Center, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. The center, Erie’s first accredited early child care facility, provides daycare, head start for migrant children, and infant care programs under the direction of Sister Diane Rabe. “The SBA alum are special,” said Sister Diane. “We never fail to be touched by and grateful for their generosity.”

“So many women helped to make this party memorable,” said Ann Comstock. “Nothing compares with their commitment and I know I am not alone in saying how grateful we are for their dedication and hard work. They did a wonderful job.”

Click on the arrow to view a slide show of party photos contributed by Jo Clarke. You just might recognize an alum you know!