Scholastica: She could do more because she loved more

February 10 is the church calendar day dedicated to Scholastica, the sister of Benedict. It will be a festive day at the monastery as we mark the solemnity of a Benedictine woman saint of whom Pope Gregory the Great wrote: “She could do more because she loved more.” At heart, the celebration of Scholastica is a celebration of the monastic way of life. For us it is a cause for great rejoicing as well as remembering—we remember who we are and what we are about and we renew ourselves so we can continue to bring the gift of monasticism to the Church and to the world.

Read the legend of Scholastica as told in the Dialogues of Gregory the Great to learn of a woman who clearly loved God and who knew the importance of being persistent as well as humble and discerning. It will help you come to understand one of the ways to describe monasticism: being persistent in seeking God with a humble and discerning heart.